From the JUNGLE, the technology that protects us!

Through customized, efficient, and effective solutions, we seek to accomplish our customers´ needs, contributing to the improvement of national defense and public and private security systems and processes in Brazil and friendly nations. JUNGLE!!!

The Company

QUARTZO da Amazônia, Engenharia de Defesa e Controle Ltda., Also known as QUARTZO Amazônia, is a Brazilian company specialized in providing technical services and marketing through representation of innovative products, with high added value and high final quality, with a major focus on the area facial recognition and access control systems, alarm and fire fighting systems, as well as mechanisms for metal detection. The company seeks not only to market its products, but to offer intelligent, complete and integrated solutions to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

Our services are carried out through detailed planning and guidance from an experienced technical team in the development of solution systems, seeking to improve your security within your company with the protection of your assets. We have a specialized and multidisciplinary team, proven and approved by demanding and renowned clients. Our technicians accumulate long professional experience and are able to act with professionalism, speed and competence, providing consultancy and assisting in the creation, development and monitoring of technical projects, as well as studies of applicability and acquisition of products in these segments.

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Our Services and Products

Aviation & Human Factor Technical Consultancy

Armament and Ammunition

Flight and Operational Simulators

Ballistic and Operational Protection

Tactical and Industrial Vehicles & Machinery

Urban Mobility and Robotics

Less-Lethal Devices

Operational Drones

Health and Aesthetics

Combat Technology

Intelligence, Access Control, and Investigation

Fire Fighting and Other Products

Our Differentials

  • Versatile, efficient, and committed to customer satisfaction.
  • Board of directors with 30 years of experience in security and defense
  • Technical staff specialized in all company´s commercial actuation market.
  • Permanent commitment to sustained quality, operational safety, and the highest ethical standards.
  • Wide range of products, allowing the perfect solution for your need, without degrading the established requirements.
  • Results proven by renowned VIP and corporate clients.
  • Complete team for technical and specialized auditing and consulting.
  • Qualified for international partnerships and product exports.
  • Lean company, with effective management and standardization of practices and processes, bringing cost and price reduction to our clients.
  • Seriousness with deadlines and final results of our work.
  • Obstinate and permanent search for the final quality of the services performed and products sold. Excellent structure for after-sales support.
  • Excellent structure for after-sales support.
  • Company with social responsibility and environmental awareness.

Discover QUARTZO Solutions for Access Control and Intelligent Security

Modern cities face a broad spectrum of threats, ranging from civil unrest to rising crime rates. To mitigate the impact of these situations, accurate and real-time information about what is happening in our surroundings is of utmost importance. The use of emerging technologies for monitoring, detection and alarm, access control for people and vehicles, both for public and private infrastructures, from small to large, allow the construction of integrated, efficient and effective solutions that greatly increase the level of security in the monitored areas.

QUARTZO Amazônia offers complete solutions for condominiums, schools, hospitals and public and private companies of the most varied sizes and segments of activity that seek to install intelligent systems for the continuous monitoring and control of the access of people, vehicles and objects that circulate in its dependencies, restricted areas and other security sensitive environments. We also have fire detection and alarm systems, point control, intelligent cameras with facial recognition and suspicious movements, state-of-the-art professional metal detectors, with models for manual use or in the form of access portals, in fixed versions and portable.

In the segment of access control and intelligent security, QUARTZO Amazônia works only with state-of-the-art equipment, from the most renowned national and international manufacturers, and seeks, much more than selling equipment, to provide complete integrated systems, customized through a specific technical project. for the solution of all your security needs.